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Choosing Tile Flooring with Our Tile Flooring Portland OR experts

Whether planning for renovation work or building a new structure, the floor material is one of the primary concerns of many structural building owners. The floor almost takes half of the space of any area. Floor tiles are consistently chosen alongside the other known floor materials. So why choose floor tiles? According to our experts at Tile Flooring Portland, floor tile is highly recommended for the following reasons.

  • Floor tiles have both non-porous and porous surfaces, are easy to clean, and are resistant to molds.
  • It is easy to find designs that suit your style because of its wide availability in all home shops.
  • Tile options include durable materials such as ceramic and porcelain tile and budget-friendly selections. However, if you are into a more durable and timeless tile design, check natural stone and marble tiles. But expect higher costs.
  • There are also tiles specifically designed for more heavy-duty purposes like airports, subways, restaurants, sidewalks, and other places with heavy traffic.
  • There are specific tiles used for both the wall and floor. Wall tiles often have lighter material than the ones used on the floor. Make sure you do not use wall tiles on your floor as they can break easily. But do not worry because our experts at Tile Flooring Portland can assist you with the selection.

Porcelain vs. Ceramic Tiles

Many people tend to think that porcelain and ceramic are the same things. However, although they have many similarities, they are quite different in many ways. Both of these tiles are selected by many for wall and floor surfaces.

  • Porcelain Tile Portland

    It is made of finer clay particles baked at an extremely high temperature, making it denser. So porcelain tile, in general, is more rigid and more durable. It is available in many designs. The features also include water-resistant, making it easier to clean and maintain. However, it also has drawbacks. One of the known opportunities of porcelain is, it gets slippery when wet. Due to its non-porous texture, the tile cannot absorb water spills. So make sure to keep your porcelain tile dry all the time. Porcelain tile can be heavy and brittle, which means it can be damaged when a heavy object falls right into it. Grout sealing is required when installing porcelain tiles.

  • Ceramic Tile Flooring Portland

    Ceramic is also made of clay heated at a very high temperature. What makes ceramic the right choice is, it is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and other high traffic areas because of its durability, because of its hard surface, and stable features. Dirt and other particles are also visible, making them easier to clean. On the other hand, ceramic tiles can be cold, hard to step on, and requires lots of effort to be installed.

    Both porcelain and ceramic flooring tiles are excellent floor materials. However, their dense and heavy characteristics are not ideal for upper floor installation, especially residential houses. Still, they can work well in commercial buildings or structures with strong foundations and frames.

Types of Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Depending on where you want to install your floor tiles, you can choose from these options.

  1. Glazed Tiles

    The tiles are covered with a protective coat, which can be glossy or matte. Install glazed tiles for walls.

  2. Wall Tiles

    Tiles used for bathroom walls, accent, and kitchen backsplash are quite different from the tiles used for the floors. They are often lighter in weight and thinner in width.

  3. Floor Tiles

    Matted tiles are often used for floors, especially when placing these tiles in the house's exterior areas. Floor tiles must be more durable, harder, and thicker to withstand heavy traffic.

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