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After choosing the perfect floor covering for your home and making sure it has all of the features you want and need, the next reasonable step from the approach is a trusted professional flooring Portland Oregon installation. There are many reasons this just makes sense, and we'll discuss a number of them with you, so make sure to consider the option. Even if you began your flooring shopping experience to install your floors yourself, you might be amazed at what you learn.

From that point, our flooring specialists can fulfill your requirements and desires and turn them into the floor of your dreams. What's more, we could also add significant value to your flooring's construction by being entirely at your disposal during your purchasing experience. Feel free to visit us and learn how we can help you with your Portland flooring needs.



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If you are looking for a "green" floor for your property, linoleum floor Portland is a great choice. It is naturally made from materials like linseed oil, recycled wood flour, cork dust, and limestone. At Flooring linoleum Portland, we guarantee to work with only the pros in linoleum floor installation. 

Benefits of Linoleum

Flooring linoleum Portland carries linoleum in an array of colors and patterns.  You may choose from traditional marbled patterns to contemporary flecked designs or graphic prints, say it - we have it! Besides, it is made from natural products,  linoleum flooring Portland is naturally anti-bacterial, renewable, and biodegradable. This guarantees an excellent flooring effect to you or anyone in your household who suffers from allergies.

Also, linoleum is remarkably versatile. It can complement any decorating accent that you may wish to put in the space. For instance, linoleum flooring is the perfect match to the original period design if you have an older home. While if you have a contemporary or industrialized home, you can have your linoleum flooring custom-made to make a bold and sophisticated fashion statement.

It is a durable flooring solution. It can be an excellent choice for high-traffic areas and for busy households with children, pets, and extra spaces. Linoleum can be one of the most durable flooring options you can install around the home.

In addition to its exceptionally long lifespan, linoleum flooring has a host of additional benefits, including:

  • 1. Comfort
    Its natural cushioning feature provides the right blend of give and support.  
  • 2. Water Resistance
    It is resistant to water under normal circumstances on your floor surfaces.
  • 3. Eco Rating
    It is true that linoleum is non-toxic. Also, it does not contain VOCs. Linoleum is recyclable and biodegradable, which makes it one of the most eco-friendly flooring options on the market today.

How to deep clean linoleum floors?

If only you employ proper care and maintenance, your linoleum floor can withstand years of use. You may also be guided with the following steps:

  • 1. Be sure to remove loose particles and debris properly.
    You may do this by thoroughly sweeping or vacuuming the floor using the “hard floor” setting on your vacuum cleaner. As you do the work, be sure to pay special attention to crevices and underneath furniture, fixtures, and surfaces.
  • 2. You must wipe with a dry microfiber cloth.
    This will remove any remaining small grit particles that may scratch your floor during the deep mopping.
  • 3. You need to prepare a cleaning solution.
    Be sure to avoid using anything that is particularly harsh or acidic in your solution. Instead, you may stick to the same soap that you have been using on your dishes. Then,  this solution should be stirred slightly.
  • 4. Then, dampen your mop.
    Linoleum is susceptible to damage from stagnant water, so use only as little liquid as possible when you are cleaning the floor. The strands of your mop must be just barely damp and soapy.
  • 5. Next: mop the floor
    You may complete each section by dipping the mop back in the bucket, wringing it dry once more, and starting over in the next area. You may continue doing this until the entire floor is complete.
  • 6. Proceed with rinsing the floor immediately
    You may fill the empty bucket with hot, clean water and then mop the entire linoleum floor again. Your goal is to remove any lingering soap residue that may be left on the floor and could cause further damage.
  • 7. Almost done: dry the floor.
    After you have washed the floor, be sure to get rid of any excess moisture that remains behind. In doing this, take old clothes or towels, then pat down the floor's surface to dry it. In this manner, the cloths should absorb any excess moisture rather than very quickly.
  • 8. Lastly, scrub stubborn stains.
    If deemed necessary, the above methods can be more effective with a scrub brush. To get a more thorough, rigorous cleaning of the tough stains, such as pet stains and surfaces, this approach would help you out, big time.

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