Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Portland, OR

The best thing about wood floors is that it can be refinished time and time again to avoid replacing the entire floor.

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The best Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Portland OR: flooring care

Refinishing hardwood floors is a beautiful service for consumers who want to change the color of their floors or who have deep scratches, bent boards, or other significant damage to their floors. Our hardwood refinishing remedy is still much less expensive than going to replace your hardwood flooring and is a good addition for your home, despite being more expensive than resurfacing. People from enthusiastic buyers to new homeowners to those simply wishing to restore the genuine beauty of their homes use our hardwood restoration services.

The cost of refinishing your hardwood flooring does not have to be excessive. We offer hardwood refinishing in Portland, which will save you time and headaches. Exceptional wood floor refinish can typically be completed in 1-2 days by qualified specialists who will work tirelessly in your home. We are pleased to provide high-quality service to and surrounding areas of Portland.

Removal of carpets

We gently remove any residual carpet or staples from your floors using needle-nose pliers and a putty knife. Your family and I will be safe when we employ a chemical solution. We promise that we take every measure not to ruin your original wood flooring during this process.

Hardwood floor sanding process

We ensure that our sanding procedure leaves as little dust and odor in your home as possible. We begin with coarse-grit sandpaper and repeat the process several times using finer grit sandpaper. This includes ensuring that your flooring is free of damage, stains, or scratches. Our hardwood floor refinishers in Portland will take care of everything, hand sanding any hard-to-reach areas as needed. Your floors are ready to be colored once the sanding process is completed.

Hardwood flooring staining

There are numerous wood stain colors to pick from. You can view our most popular stain colors here, but we can provide more if you don't see one you like. This ensures that the stain is evenly disseminated across your hardwood floors, as we only apply it with the wood grain. Finally, we polish the floor and remove any dust or grime using a tack cloth and a vacuum.

Hardwood floor sealing

Finally, your hardwood floors will be given a high-quality, long-lasting polyurethane finish. This coat is applied with a mop-like tool and a pad applicator. Your floors will be ready to use after 24 hours. This polyurethane finish will protect your hardwood floors from future wear and tear, seal in the color of your stain, and keep them gleaming for years! Your options are gloss, semi-gloss, and satin finishes for your floors.

How to take care of hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring affects the value to your home and gives it a one-of-a-kind appearance. Unfortunately, keeping your hardwood floors in good condition necessitates a significant amount of maintenance. Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Portland compiled this list of hardwood floor maintenance tips to assist you in keeping your floors in good condition. We hope that the simple steps below will help you maintain your love of hardwood flooring!

If there are any spills, whether oil or liquid, make sure to wipe them up right away. Because of frequent rearrangements or the weight it had to accommodate, your hardwood floor will sustain damage from your furniture from time to time. Furniture pads can be a lifesaver when it comes to preventing dents and deep scratches. The coating on your hardwood floor can last up to five years; avoid using chemical liquids to clean it; a damp cloth will suffice.

We have plenty of tips for your flooring option.

When it comes to quality and functionality, hardwood floors are unrivaled. Your Hardwood Refinishing in Portland is only a phone call away if you ever require assistance.