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Epoxy flooring is one of the most popular flooring options. This fantastic surface comes with plenty of advantages and characteristics.

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The main benefits of using our flooring solutions Portland OR

Epoxy-based coatings are a tough and long-lasting option for commercial and industrial floors. These coatings can be used to create a high-performance, appealing surface on concrete floors. Our experts at flooring solutions in Portland have installed epoxy coatings in a wide range of industrial and commercial facilities, including manufacturing plants, commercial buildings, warehouses, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, laboratories, beverage and food plants, and more.

If you are interested in our superb surface coating services for your facility, please contact flooring solutions Portland OR to learn more about the advantages of this flooring option.

Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coating

A high-gloss, hard-wearing, durable surface can be achieved by applying this incredible surface coating to concrete footings. From the early installation stages to long-term upkeep, these superb surfaces provide many perks and advantages. Epoxy coatings, for example, are quick to install, resilient, and easy to clean. Epoxy paint is an excellent base solution for various scenarios due to its numerous benefits. The epoxy flooring Portland team explains some of the primary benefits of this type of footings for your business or industrial structure. Your new epoxy base finish will do the following:

Provide a visually appealing flooring surface

Our epoxy coatings have a high gloss finish and come in several colors and styles. To produce an appealing and durable footing solution, you can use one solid color or build a creative pattern with numerous hues.

Create a seamless, easy-to-clean surface

When our epoxy-based coating products dry, they provide durable, seamless surfaces that can be wiped clean of dirt, dust, and debris. Our excellent solutions are appropriate for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical preparation and packaging operations due to their ease of cleaning.

A long-lasting and hard-wearing surface coating.

Our epoxy coating products transform concrete floors into a smooth, long-lasting, high-performance surface that will last for years.

Enhance safety

Our flooring solutions Portland can improve safety by providing a slip-resistant, impact-resistant, heat-resistant, and fire-resistant solution. These high-gloss base coverings can also boost a work area's brightness by 300 percent.

Make your surface chemically resistant.

Epoxy-based coatings are a chemically resistant choice for industrial plants, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.

Provide an environmentally friendly flooring solution 

These products provide an environmentally friendly solution for businesses who want to use "green" building materials and alternatives.

Enhance your capacity for productivity

These great products can reduce wear on transport vehicles, allow faster material movement, and avoid wear and damage to the footings when used in a factory, warehouse, or industrial plant.

Allow for traffic and work zones that are marked.

To identify safety zones, forklift traffic zones, and other work zones, we can simultaneously utilize multiple colors of our products. With these, your staff remembers the marked footings; thus, they know how to work efficiently yet cautiously.

Make it quick and straightforward to apply:

Self-leveling epoxy-based coatings are available. This enables our skilled technicians at flooring solutions Portland to quickly apply an epoxy coating to any concrete footings, new or old.

Provide a low-cost flooring option:

Our expert and qualified epoxy flooring installers give a cost-effective option. Our base coatings produce a long-lasting, hard-wearing surface that requires little to no care or upkeep.

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Please contact our flooring solutions Portland if you'd like to learn more about the benefits of using epoxy-based coatings for your industrial, commercial, factory, or laboratory solutions. We can work with you to explain the help of our goods and provide color and pattern solutions that are specific to your company. Our base paint coating services will provide your commercial or industrial foundations with long-lasting, hard-wearing robust surfaces.