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Knowing our professional process of floor sanding in Portland OR

You have finally achieved installing hardwood as your flooring at home. As time passes, you notice that your floors are starting to have a different color, or it looks dull. You search the web for the best way to resolve this issue, and voila, it is floor sanding in Portland.

Floor sanding is done because it helps scrape off the bad color and the damages on your hardwood. After sanding, the refinishing happens, which would make your hardwood floor good as new. It is just one of the many steps to maintain a good-looking hardwood. Aside from making it look appealing to you, it is also a great way to take care of the material.


To be familiar with our team's work, here is the process of our floor sanding in Portland.

  • Ensure that the room is empty and clean of any object that can obstruct the floor sanding. Our team has big floor sanders that might damage items blocking its path. To avoid this, make sure that the floor has no objects.
  • Check if the damage on your floorboards is still repairable. If these floorboards are beyond salvation, no matter how much sanding happens, they would still be too damaged to be used at home. If this is the case, it is much better to replace the too-damaged boards. If the damage on the floor is not too extensive, sanding will help scrape off the dirt, and the damaged area will reveal healthy wood that will be coated during the refinishing.
  • Ensure no protrusions on the floor, like a loose nail. If possible, clean up the whole place first before undergoing sanding. This way, the sanding process will not be a hazard to the sander and save time from mobilizing the floor sanding machine.
  • When the sanding starts, the sanders will make sure to even out the floorboards. The edges of the walls will also be sanded. Some floors will be difficult to sand since most of the floorboards have existed in different conditions in the house. Based on how it is seen and the texture of the wood, the sander would choose the best sanding technique for your floors.
  • Cleaning up the sawdust after a good sanding would be taken care of by the vacuum cleaner. After the sanding process, we make sure that everything would return to normal at home. That includes cleaning up the sawdust accumulated from the sanding and ensuring that the floors are cleaned and varnished well. This way, it would not be difficult to clean and maintain the hardwood floor. 

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