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An overview of our efficient Concrete Polishing in Portland OR

If you are among the many who prefer having polished concrete as it is becoming the eventual no-wax material for flooring, read this overview on concrete polishing in Portland for basic introductory ideas. Concrete polishing contractors grind concrete surfaces using appropriate floor grinding equipment. Whether new or old, the concrete is transformed to a glossy finish that will not need wax or coatings. With the sustainability and soundness of concrete plus the aforementioned no-wax feature, polished concrete is widely used across offices, commercial spaces, and even in homes. These high-luster floors have become attractive and popular.

Know These Concrete Polishing Benefits

Modifications on making it decorative make it compete aesthetically thus have become appealing.
Many choose concrete polishing for their floor finish because it gives many advantages over other floor covers and sheaths. These are the benefits:

  • Cost Efficiency- needs no traditional floor covers or sheath.
  • Longevity and Sustainability - are less susceptible to damage, and it does not need replacing of covers and sheaths.
  • Easy to clean and will not lodge dust, dirt, and allergens. The glossy surface usually resists marks and stains from spills.
  • Many color and design options
  • Moisture transmission resistance- polished concrete does not have a problem concerning other floor covers like sealing off tiles.
  • Greater Resistance to high foot traffic-for commercial spaces where an owner can opt to maintain the traffic ways solely within the shop, which saves time, energy, and money since he does not need to strip and wax the floor under significant cases and displays
  • Light Reflection- It is advantageous to commercial spaces that usually require more lighting. It saves energy and costs for artificial lights.

Though almost any concrete floor can be polished, there are a few exceptions. There is a 28-day requirement of curing for a new base before any polishing can transpire. There is a need for grinding for old floors to develop a high luster and smooth finish. Experts perform top preparations before polishing concrete; removal of dirt, old paints or coatings, grease, and other blemishes. Uneven floors require patching. Those highly porous ones are not eligible for polishing. Experts and tenured contractors can ascertain the suitability of the base.

There are many splendid options for coloring, scoring, and fabricating radial lines, grids, bands, borders, and other designs. Usually, with existing polished concrete, stains and dyes are applied. There are levels of sheen to choose from, from satin to high gloss. Choose any that meets your taste, style, and needs.

Based on location, square footage, pre-polishing preparation needed, and the extent of project complexity and design options, the cost can vary. A rough estimate can range from $3 to $12 per square foot. There is also a slight price difference for residential and commercial projects. Residential is priced slightly higher due to small equipment needs and smaller space.

Concrete floor polishing in Portland has a multi-step process that expertise and years of experience can perfect. You may find it quite challenging, but there is an easier way. Call our flooring professionals as we provide the best concrete polishing in Portland. We have a team of experts, excellent quality materials, state of the art equipment for grinding and polishing for any project scale. So never hesitate to call our team and consult with us, and we will give you the proper resolution right away.